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Public Safety



Beta 80 is a leading provider of software solutions for public safety. Our products are the result of our extensive experience as well as a constant research and development and are currently used in 67 PSAPs and EOCs worldwide. Our end-to end solutions cover all emergency operation phases, coordinating the complex mix of resources and data needed to manage any emergency. Our highly skilled professionals support customers in the design, installation and start-up of the software and IT infrastructure of each PSAP. Our technology is smart, reliable, easy to use and compliant with the industry’s highest standards: NSIS, EENA and APCO.


Beta 80 offers two emergency management platforms who share the same core emergency management system: iO® for the American market and emma for the rest of the world. They are designed as a multidisciplinary source, with specialized modules customized for each organization and country. It covers all types of PSAPs: EMS, Fire, 9-1-1 (999), 112, Civil Defense and Homeland Security.


Our CAD is a flexible and extensive solution, with over 100 different modules. It covers all emergency management processes and easily integrates third-party technologies. Our CAD allows PSAPs to efficiently coordinate the emergency response with many features and applications: Call Taking, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Mapping, Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL), Mobile Solutions, Reporting & Analysis, Community App.
Thanks to its Next Generation compatibility, we are ready to equip every PSAP with our Next Generation technology. Our CAD suite currently serves 67 Public Safety Answering Points and EOCs, 38 million people and 15 million calls each year.


When it comes to safety they key is being two steps ahead. We believe that studying and planning is essential for producing an invaluable product. Our emergency management systems are the result of our 25-year experience in this business. We’ve gained a profound knowledge of what a PSAP needs and why. This is how we can design and customize each product to fit the specific needs of the people who use it every day. Each CAD is the result of our professional R&D team thanks to over two decades of customer feedback.