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Training has only one purpose: to light the flame of possibility! “I can do”, “I can be”. How much energy does it discover to be able to overcome one’s limits, to acquire new knowledge and to notice things that were away from our sight shortly before. And if the horizon line moves? How to feed our desire to know? Can training be only the institutional one? Can we think that in this age of very rapid changes, training is only that of the company? We think not. The person has the responsibility to continue learning, to “keep the pace”, never considering “arrived”. In addition to institutional training, we build areas of confrontation – in presence and virtually – and encourage the sharing of knowledge through annual initiatives and the creation of professional communities. In this way our company becomes an organization that learns. Always.


Beta 80 boasts many of the most relevant technological partners in the IT sector and it is organized so that its professionals carry out field activities with expertise and strong specialization. This is why it invests annually in training and certifications, which become assets of the person and the company. We therefore share real paths at all levels of technical seniority, which have the certification exams in the application world (especially Java and .NET), infrastructures (Microsoft and Cisco) and products (Informatica, ServiceNow, Dynatrace, Splunk, Qlik View, etc.).


The backbone of our company is made up of those who are entrusted with the government of projects and services. Project Managers and Service Managers are those in charge of the company’s orders in terms of responsibility, for which they must guarantee profitability, quality of delivery and satisfaction of the client and the teams. Each project (and service) successfully completed is the possibility of bringing a reference to the market and therefore a possibility of growth for the company!

This is why it is essential that the Project Managers and Service Managers are adequately supported with processes, tools and training, which allow them to bring added value to the customer and the work team, even in the method of governance.

The methods followed are those of traditional PMI and Agile for Project Managers and ITIL for Service Managers. The training on soft skills, such as communication and team management, as well as the use of tools such as Project and MS Navision, are of fundamental importance.

Also essential for these professionals is the sharing of the company’s experience and strategies through the Staff Meeting tool, which guarantees an additional learning method.


Beta 80, with 35 years of history and more than 600 employees, needs a middle management aware of its responsibilities, its resources and its business strategy. In a word, it needs a middle management where solidity is combined with a strong effectiveness in facilitating and supporting the change taking place. In fact, middle management is the vehicle of culture and strategy, representing the company’s own leadership style. It is therefore the responsibility of the Management to support it with processes, tools and training, building a managerial and leadership culture suitable for a growing company operating in a business context where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity often dominate.