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Advanced Analytics


Big Data: promotional pressure, product appreciation, reputation, recommendation … The new Big Data information ecosystem must be organized, known and valued. To extract information from growing and diversified data volumes. Beta 80 supports customers and supports commercial, marketing, operational and financial functions with new high-performance, technological and visual tools and analytical methods.


All the needed Information Technology

What data must be taken into account for effective business planning? The huge volume of data in the digital environment often presents management problems, and the derived information is not always decisive in supporting decision-making skills.

The new architectures based on Enterprise Data Hub in Apache Hadoop technology surpass the classic DWH architectures, allowing first of all to gather all the information assets regardless of their shape, volumes and generation frequency. Implementing a “light” DWH model they allow the construction of information domains or “data mart” specific for the domain to be analyzed in an agile way and able to respond quickly to the analysis requests coming from the Business.

This is the basis on which to develop the whole chain of analysis from reporting to predictive analysis. Beta 80 proposes solutions that allow:

  • Providing advice, methodology and tools to efficiently manage the processing of large amounts of data.
  • Proposing control models and performance indicators specific to the market, as well as intuitive tools that allow analysis available on all types of devices, increasing the scale of the company.Link information to create higher-value insights for more informed action and real-time decision-making.


Beta 80 Group develops Enterprise Data HUB and Advanced Analytics solutions for its customers, operating alongside commercial, marketing, financial, operational and ICT functions, and using market-leading technologies, as well as technological and functional specialists. Reference technological partner: Cloudera.


Through the tools and techniques related to Valuable Big Data, Beta 80 Group offers its customers the possibility of manipulating, interpreting and exploiting all the potentials inherent in large amounts of data.The Beta 80 Group approach involves the study of the client’s business model and the identification of cases of greater value in the use of data, through the basic methodologies of Machine Learning. Beta 80 professionals will develop the correct mathematical models or integrate specific platforms to represent anomalies or predict the values ​​of specific company indicators, be they a sales or failure forecast on an industrial system.Through specific services of Advanced Visualization of data, Beta 80 Group offers its customers tools that make complex data more accessible, thus increasing the comprehensibility and usability of the data.