Technology & Operations

Digital Applications/API Management


Build systems to extend the possibilities digital has to offer, enable third parties to make building blocks to enrich existing applications, quickly generate new applications by taking advantage of simplified APIs. The API Management solution created by Beta 80 lets you build new applications in order to rapidly approach the end user and improve his experience in using services. Beta 80’s API Management represents strategic leverage for the company’s innovation.



Digital transformation leverages the consumerisation of digital technologies. Users today expect to interact with companies through digital technologies and they want them to be as usable and simple as the best applications available are.
This is why Beta 80’s API Management is not only an asset hidden away in the IT department, but is also authentic close collaboration with the business.
Beta 80 enables the necessary approach for:

  • Bringing the company closer to the end consumer by creating a direct channel of application integration with the application the customer is using.
  • Creating multichannel enabling, implementing API systems as innovative business, monitoring and control products that ensure simplicity, interaction and integration in context and systems are increasingly diverse and hybrid.
  • Integrating the company with the supply chain actors in building an ecosystem that can allow the entire chain to keep its level of competitiveness high.



½Plan an open platform able to operate through API Management, an effective solution for implementing new IT business-oriented report models for the company business areas and the outside subjects.
Use the APIs to transform architectures: advanced architectures and application mesh-up.
Beta 80 offers you the change to switch from integration solutions designed in a point-point mode to displaying API services using iPaaS platforms, RESTful services and API Management.
Display by way of services middleware today – compared to the time forced by business – is too burdensome and costly without offering the possibility to test and integrate services quickly.
In the current perspective, where also the integration environment can become a service to be consumed, it is necessary to create applications to expand a standard mode that can be consumed by various applications, and actually provide the possibility to make the applications integrate with each together and to enrich the wealth of data.