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Company managements have very high expectations of the IT department: quality of the core services, utmost stability, efficient and highly reliable software. Monitoring, maintenance of the applications and software development are a basic value for the IT department and for the entire company. Beta 80’s Application Management meets the expectations of all managements, and allows the company to concentrate its resources on the core business and the strategic objectives.



With Silver Partner certification, Microsoft recognizes the expertize of its partners in specific areas. The certification guarantees the ability and experience of a partner within a specific sectors, and emphasizes the readiness and know-how of professionals in those environments. The Silver Partner level therefore represents a significant step of specialization in the implementation of solutions on the Microsoft .NET technology, which guarantees from one side the ability to use the framework, and on the other side the commitment and professionalism that the partner is able to express towards customers, to meet current and future needs.

Beta 80 Group successfully develops applications in Microsoft technology for Midsize Business and Enterprise customers in different market sectors, from GDO to Logistics, from Manifacturing to Finance. , Furthermore, Beta 80 bases on Microsoft framework its mission-critical solutions in the Emergency Management field.

The collaboration with Microsoft has allows us years to provide innovative solutions over the years, which are also performing, safe, and with a high level of data protection. The recognition by Microsoft attests the quality that Beta 80 Group has always offered to its customers, to protect their investments and their technological evolution.


Beta 80 Group supports the 2018 research conducted by the Cloud Transformation Committee within the Milan Polytechnic School of Management. On this occasion we learn from those who are with us in this research experience, but we also offer our approach, which is rich in method and pragmatism and that has often made us successful on the projects.

DevOps and Agile are issues that has been challenging us over the years and support us in our approach to our proposals for customers, delivery of our projects and support to the evolution of the selection, governance and control models of our customers’ projects. Angelo Rotunno and Gabriele Finessi contributed to the Committee for Beta 80.


Guide the customer to a strategic repositioning of the application software systems inside the company with the goal of getting an industrialised approach in managing the application software and a considerable reduction in costs and complexity.

Entrusting a reliable, specialized organization to manage your applicative portfolio/asset – or a part of it, let you remove barriers and constraints that are the base of all IT inefficiencies:

  • It improves the involvement of the business, which changes from passive spectator to an integral part of the management process of a system.
  • It enables the possibility to make those who execute the projects and those who manage the systems work in parallel to improve collaboration between all players involved.

The advantages that the users perceive of the application management service are:

  • Being able to concentrate on the company’s core business, by delegating the maintenance to experts.
  • Achieving improved service quality through reliability, performance and security.


½Structure and guarantee answers for the requirements.

The maintenance and management of IT systems are key points of Beta 80’s proposal backed by its decade-long experience in ICT products and applications.
Beta 80 operates in the field of application management, and it clearly singles out the needs and makes the extreme potentials of an ineffective application architecture emerge.

Application Management contains two main concepts:

  • Application Development: design and making of software solutions able to support a business requirement in a structured, efficient and optimised manner.
  • Application Maintenance: operational management of the corrective, adaptive and/or evolutionary service and maintenance of the developed applications.
½Personalise the management proposal.

Design the most appropriate management model that takes into account the organisational model and set goals for each customer. Beta 80 is able to provide services also on a geographic scale, by applying best practices and standards of reference such as ITIL.

In this scenario Beta 80 proposes the adoption of new delivery models characterised by a high capability to react to the change demanded by business, flexibility and openness to innovation. Beta 80 also proposes source code analysis services aimed at improving quality and efficiency and at improving application security.