Technology & Operations



IT automation ensures certainty of execution, fewer errors and lower costs. Automation is the basic part of IT Operations best practices. Developing automatic processes and work flows also lets you free up precious resources that should be focused on the business. Beta 80 accompanies the customer in adopting the best technologies for automatically executing jobs, whatever their degree of complexity, and for the automatic orchestration of the manual processes.


The challenge was born to create an AI engine that allows the automatic detection of critical situations and their prediction. Enabling companies to easily automate manual, low-value, high-volume tasks, to focus employee on higher value-added activities.

Artificial Intelligence can also be applied to other business areas. The results obtainable are:

  • Automation of repetitive activities for collecting, analyzing and inserting data from / into applications (SAP, Salesforce, Siebel, Remedy)
  • Reduction of costs related to these activities
  • Increased protection from typos or from entering non-compliant data
  • Tracking of all activities carried out


The activities can be automated both “unattended” and “attended” (interacting with humans). The functions that can benefit from these solutions are: HR, AFC, Supply Chain, Customer Care.


½Improve the efficiency and control of a company’s production processes.


Provide detailed answers for managing processing flows that let you:

  • Control the production chain.
  • Reduce the time for batch controls, locating them and performing actions.
  • See their status on a single console and immediately learn whether or not they were successfully executed.


½The solutions Beta 80 Group proposes use leading technologies on the market, such as CA AutoSys, BMC Control-M, AUTOMIC One AUTOMATION and $Universe.
The Workload Automation systems designed and developed by Beta 80 have brought its customers from an antiquated management model marked by low efficiency levels to one industrial in nature.


Beta 80’s proposal in fact turns into concrete solutions for:

  • Continuously managing the business processes.
  • Ensuring and improving the reliability of the service and the high quality of the executions.
  • Observing the operating restrictions in executing the operations.
  • Standardising the procedures to facilitate error-free batches.
  • Reducing supervision time.


½Automate any execution done manually in the company’s IT.


Improve execution time and quality. Keep track of all activities carried out.

The Beta 80 Operations Orchestration services provide accurate solutions for the typical management questions and requirements, and always answer on how to

  • Reduce errors in the operation activities.
  • Speed up execution of the activities.
  • Restart the services if the infrastructure supporting Business Continuity should fail.
  • Automate the infrastructure and application configuration.
  • Foster adoption of the DEVOPS.
  • • Make the software releases automatic with the Application Release Automation (ARA) tools.


The Operations Orchestration solutions reduce costs and improve the quality of the service by automating repetitive activities, installing patches, provisioning virtual machines, resolving incidents and activating the appropriate solutions without any manual intervention


The areas that maximise their value are:

  • Incident Management and remediation
  • Change Management
  • Provisioning in virtualisation
  • Automation of Disaster Recovery Flows
  • Application Release Automation