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Building a culture of corporate data, operating with data driven decisions. We have immense amounts of data, but can we enhance them? Does this knowledge guide our decisions? Building and nurturing a culture of data at every level of the company is the way to improve company competitiveness, increase the speed of decisions and above all awareness at every level of the company. It is the challenge of knowledge: towards data analysis.



½What data should be taken into account for effective corporate control? Who decides what to use and what not? The huge volume of digital data often presents management problems, which must be tackled with a new vision.We are now at the beginning of a real revolution that must be faced with modern tools but also with a new corporate cultural approach that brings at every level the ability to analyze and evaluate information with a collaborative approach

That’s why Beta 80 offers solutions that allow:

  • Provide advice, methodology, tools and training to efficiently manage the processing of large amounts of data.
  • Propose control models and performance indicators specific to the market, as well as intuitive tools that allow analysis available on all types of devices, increasing the scale of the company.
  • Link information to create higher-value insights for more informed action and real-time decision-making.

Beta 80 Group develops BI and Analytics solutions for its customers, working alongside commercial, marketing, financial, operational and ICT functions, and using market-leading technologies, as well as technological and functional specialists.Beta 80 Group develops BI and Analytics solutions for its customers by working side-by-side with the sales, marketing, financial, operational and ICT functions, and by using leading technologies on the market and technological and functional specialists.


The technological base is primarily the Qlik technology that responds coherently to all dimensions of innovation:

  • Freedom of analysis with the associative engine
  • Simple development of dashboards that can be used by anyone in self-service mode• Collaborative environment to share the analyzes performed and describe them in Story Telling mode
  • Integration into internal company information systems or to the market
  • Georeferenced analysis capabilities
  • Extreme power of Advanced Visualization tools




Qlik awarded Beta 80 Group the Qlik Specialization level for the Retail market. Through the Qlik Specialization, a specific technology expertise is recognized for a given market, as established by the programs and certification paths.



The Specialization testifies Beta 80’s ability to combine product skills with retail market experiences. Retail customers can rely on Beta 80 Group for the development of high value-added solutions.



Companies are now able to capture, store and process an incredible amount of data on almost everything. But a Big Data repository has no intrinsic value, and many companies that have invested heavily in Big Data technologies are still learning to exploit it. Real value is created when companies can gather data, Big or traditional, from multiple sources or locations and present this information in a way that encourages exploration and insight.The ability to make Big Data accessible to the whole company stimulates value in two important ways. Firstly, it means that organizations are incorporating Big Data sources into standard business analysis, thus obtaining more detailed information on the key aspects of their operation. Secondly, it promotes a culture of inquiry in which experience and instinctive sensation are integrated with the power of Big Data. One of the significant problems expressed by IT leaders around the Big Data theme is the struggle to find the “needle in the haystack”. By making Big Data accessible, more people will experience ideas about their data, ultimately leading to greater business value.

Qlik offers multiple techniques, which can be used individually or in combination, to best meet the needs of Big Data.

  • In memory: use of in-memory Qlik Indexing (QIX) engine optimization to compress data up to 10% of original size.
  • Generating apps on demand – Authorizing the user to automatically create a specially created analysis app every time he selects a portion of a large data source.
  • Associative Big Data Index: the technology is largely focused on a new capacity for indexing Big Data associative that will provide the complete associative experience on the original data, thus leaving them where they reside. This will allow the Qlik engine to store information on data resident in sources such as data lakes and Hadoop, without the need to load all data into memory. This capability leverages a highly distributed architecture, utilizing the power of Qlik’s associative engine to deliver fast, interactive discovery across huge data sets.