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Hybrid Cloud and On Premise architectures, the need to have always available a reliable data, of high quality and updated in real time, the compliancy to security regulations such as GDPR. Beta 80 guides its customers in defining, implementing and managing of data governance solutions using leading technologies.


From Data Integration to Master Data Management.

Once upon a time the ETL, now there is an ecosystem of solutions and products for intelligent data governance aligned with the evolution of technologies and architectures.


Intelligent Big Data: Smart also means efficient. Simplifying the management of Data Lake is possible, from multi-format ingestion, to the management of high-speed streams, to the management of data catalogs that allow a true governance of information.


Intelligent Cloud Services: secure data alignment, from on-premise to cloud-based platforms, ensuring high quality data.


Intelligent Data Integration: The ETL process made fast and efficient with market-leading technologies. On top of it an Enterprise Data Catalog is added.


Intelligent Data Quality: A holistic data stewardship for all data, regardless of size, format or platform.


Intelligent Data Security: From Data Masking to Test Data Management, aligned with the GDPR regulation.


Intelligent Master Data Management: Complete master data management solutions for the business-critical objectives that digital organizations face. MDM solutions offer the only true end-to-end solution, with a modular approach to ensure a better customer experience, more effective decision-making processes and greater compliance.


The basis of the Beta 80 solutions are Informatica products, which have been positioned in the Leader area of ​​the Gartner’s magic quadrant for years.

Beta 80 offers certified skills and approaches projects of all sizes, from design to operation support.


Cloud Integration, the perfect alignment

The case study concerns the initiative of a well-known satellite TV brodcaster, willing to implement the migration of its CRM system from Siebel on premise to SalesForce in cloud. The project was realized with Informatica PowerCentre.


The developed flows took into account the complexity of the target database and were adapted following the logic imposed by the connectors. A subsequent phase was to monitor the anomalies for the existing flows, plus the implementation and execution of functional and performance tests.


However, the client decided not to make an immediate cut-off of the old platform and consequently maintained a series of user positions both on Siebel and SalesForce.

The activity consists in the design, analysis, development and maintenance of ETL flows for bi-directional data alignment between the Siebel 8.1 CRM and SalesForce winter16 through the use of Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.1.


The main difficulty encountered was the performance speed of the flows being fundamental to respect the deadlines imposed and to ensure that the two CRM systems were constantly aligned.


Given an imposed configuration limit for many flows the standards were used. The difficulty in this case was that of respecting the deadlines using less efficient writing APIs.