Technology & Operations



Digital Transformation requires that the conflict between the reduction of time-to-market, high frequency of changes and maximum quality of the new digital services be resolved. Beta 80’s DevOps is the solution. Our approach is unique on the Italian market because it is complete on 5 DevOps domains. Developed together with first-mover companies, it lets many companies exploit the advantages of DevOps and define their own courses, avoiding the traps of adopting inadequate tools and technologies.


Beta 80 Group supports the 2018 research conducted by the Cloud Transformation Committee within the Milan Polytechnic School of Management. On this occasion we learn from those who are with us in this research experience, but we also offer our approach, which is rich in method and pragmatism and that has often made us successful on the projects.

DevOps and Agile are issues that has been challenging us over the years and support us in our approach to our proposals for customers, delivery of our projects and support to the evolution of the selection, governance and control models of our customers’ projects. Angelo Rotunno and Gabriele Finessi contributed to the Committee for Beta 80.


Do better and do it quickly to protect innovation investments.  

Beta 80’s experience in the field lets you:

  • Adopt operational, governance and sustainable control models from the IT organisation.
  • Cut the time for crossing application changes.
  • Support a higher pace while guaranteeing quality.
  • Minimise risks of production instability and conflicts between the various IT departments.


Plan. Transform. Stabilise.

Find the right balance between increasing efficiency, operational speed and reducing risks associated with them in order to ensure quality of services.


It is a combination guaranteed by the organisational and operational models proposed by Beta 80, which offer governance and control solutions that are more effective and efficient than the traditional ones.

Defining the optimum arrangement of the many enabled by DevOps and by the relevant technologies available on the market is the method that for identifying the plan of actions able to balance – over time – the necessary growth of maturity of the organisation with the required support technology.


The Beta 80 approach is the result of unique experience on the Italian market, gained by working with the first movers, the most important national and international financial institutions that already benefit from a considerable competitive edge and that are still investing so they can further evolve.


It is an offer studied to avoid “falling into the trap” of illogically adopting tools and new technologies that allow only single aspects of the complex life cycle of an application change to be automated. This approach risks making significant investments vain and losing out on important opportunities to improve the entire system.