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Accompany customers as they tackle the new design challenges introduced by mobility.

An application full of functions is not enough for staying in touch with the end user. Interface and performance are the ingredients that make an app attractive and able to build customer loyalty. Beta 80 develops and makes mobile applications bases on the rules of simplicity and usability that users expect.




The premises for Mobile’s success are by now a consolidated reality owing to Beta 80’s approach and design capability. It particularly lets you:


Get integrated and flexible solutions to quickly switch to the mobile Internet workplace, distribute contents and access interactive functions.

Design and implement solutions for operating in critical situations. For example, just think of “Where Are U”, Beta 80’s solution created to manage support requests going to public emergency headquarters and the European emergency telephone number.


½Understand the typical conditions for using apps and users’ expectations in order to improve performance. This is the entry point through which Beta 80 prepares its solutions aimed at optimising taps, in addition to reasoning on the expected security levels, the quality of connection and the maximum acceptable time for completing a task.

Planning the design is the next step, basing yourself on the outlined scenarios with the objective of optimising performance. This means that if network discontinuity is conjectured, it is necessary to plan on caching systems for the images. Do not activate authentication mechanisms unless they are necessary. Allow the systems to stay active on front- and back-ends in the case of operations lengthy to complete. Guarantee use of the app on old devices as well, even if they were studied to exploit the advanced characteristics of the most modern devices to the utmost.

Approach development by pursuing simplicity. This is Beta 80’s watchword.
In addition to choosing the best-suited technological platform and framework, the possibility to interrupt an activity if it is tool long is always offered. Use APIs specially considered for mobile and pay lots of attention to including the libraries because they might weigh down the app with functions that are not required.

At last, monitoring. The measurement of results and the performance data are related to the information on the progress of the business trend of the engagement through the mobile app. Where possible, Beta 80 suggests adopting an alert system that signals downturns in performance.