Technology & Operations

Digital Applications


Ensure excellence for the user experience and keep it on all devices. Users are supreme in the application economy. According to Beta 80, Digital Transformation means giving its customers value and continuity, guaranteeing connection of all devices and an enthralling user experience. The interface with the outside world is the key factor for winning new markets and retaining existing customers.


Create incentives for application development, which exploits the advantages and economies attainable from the programming interfaces, offers immediate and effortless digital services and ensures an effective customer experience.
Designing interfaces that offer personalised content and that are aimed at improving the user experience means singling out the most effective and distinctive solution by carefully picking out new interactive possibilities given by digital transformation where, for example, even the simple dematerialisation of paper by accessing reserved areas via the web has led to the development of digital workplaces, company digital spaces for sharing and planning.



Develop digital transformation in the way most in keeping with your market focusing. Beta 80 guarantees services that let you defend and extend your market, by aiming at creating engagement systems able to guide and support “customer-centric” digital models, in this way fostering users’ loyalty.


Beta 80 Group supports the 2018 research conducted by the Cloud Transformation Committee within the Milan Polytechnic School of Management. On this occasion we learn from those who are with us in this research experience, but we also offer our approach, which is rich in method and pragmatism and that has often made us successful on the projects.

DevOps and Agile are issues that has been challenging us over the years and support us in our approach to our proposals for customers, delivery of our projects and support to the evolution of the selection, governance and control models of our customers’ projects. Angelo Rotunno and Gabriele Finessi contributed to the Committee for Beta 80.