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Digital Applications/ECM


Mobile, social and cloud technologies are transforming business models and contents. In Beta 80’s opinion, Content Management and Social Collaboration are not the fad to follow. We work side by side with our customers to grow with new businesses. We make new opportunities tied to internal collaboration and greater customer involvement rise to the surface. Beta 80 makes solutions for acquiring, transforming and distributing contents based on the context while enabling Social Collaboration and integrating business processes.


½Thanks to the platforms it offers and the expertise it has gained in a large number of projects, the life cycle of information is the area owing to which Beta 80’s customers avoid waste, cut costs and are able to pursue businesses boasting greater value, with all these possibilities opened up:


Improve management of company contents through transition to the digital workplace.

Give customers immediate access to the information stored in the systems, from order status to alerts of problems.

Offer personalised contents and offers so that sales can be boosted and existing relationships can be supported through continuous interactions linked to the company’s business operations.



½Beta 80 offers two different approaches to manage company contents:½

  • OpenText DOcumentum, which considerably reduces the approval cycle and improves the decisions taken thanks to its powerful work flow engine. With this purpose, case management – which distinguishes Documentum’s functions – is much more than management of processes with attached documents. That is because it starts from the understanding of whoever has to take decisions, of when and of all the other information required. This approach takes on special importance for all those companies that operate in a heavily regulated context.½
  • Liferay that, in its role of Enterprise portal, extends the sharing of contents to the web after customising them to the visitor’s profile. With Liferay, Beta 80 has created many projects that allow public and private companies to improve their processes of managing and publishing contents on the web.