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IT Governance


IT departments are powerful engines that require safe drivers. Important budgets, performance and expected results for the company. Beta 80 partners its customers in activating organisational models, processes and technologies in order to ensure conscious guidance of IT. Expedient decisions within a short time supported by objective data, operating plans to implement with clear responsibilities and continuous checks of the results. The choices on all levels are based on documented facts and measurements.




The Beta 80 Group partnership with ServiceNow covers the following areas:

  • Sales – Bronze Partner
  • Services – Bronze Partner
  • Authorized Training Partner

Beta 80 Group identifies the best solution and implements it, as well as providing targeted training for the acquisition of new knowledge and support for change. Beta 80 Group guarantees the maximization of the value related to the investment on ServiceNow.



Beta 80 Group has always obtained excellent evaluations on all the projects carried out so far on ServiceNow technology. Beta 80 Group qualifies today as a reference partner on the Italian market. ServiceNow engages an external organization to evaluate the quality of the project realized by the Partner. Through specific interviews, the level of customer satisfaction is measured on the various technological fields.


Beta 80 Group specializes in the following ServiceNow components:

  • IT Service Management
  • IT Business Management
  • IT Operation Management – event, discovery,service mapping
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Customer Service Management
  • HR Management



In Beta 80 Group there is a strong focus on professional certification, they have been working for years in the Enterprise-level market and have great experience in specific areas. Each of them is certified by ServiceNow, and this guarantees a high quality delivery for the customer. The Customer can access constantly updated resources on the latest available features, able to intervene in the most appropriate way and in a very short time.


Beta 80 Group, over the past 2 years of partnership with ServiceNow, has collected more than 20 successful projects in primary companies. Thanks to its approach to the project, based on workshops and Agile Methodology, we have valorised what is immediately available on the platform, making accessible in a short time advanced features.



½Get past a lack of information so that, on the one hand, problems to be solved can be properly and quickly identified – and move on from “opinions” to “facts”, the data driven paradigm – and, on the other, a mechanism for controlling actions in progress aimed at checking the results obtained and at optimising plans can be enabled.

Beta 80 supports the ability of an Information Systems department to “know itself”, decide ”what it wants to become”, “how and where it wants to change” and govern, control and consolidate the change that manifests itself in:

  • faster and more mindful decision-making processes
  • clear responsibilities from the decision-making phase up to operations
  • continuous checking of the results and refresh of the plans

Beta 80 also aims at strengthening a governance inextricably connected with sourcing since the control and governance capability along the entire IT chain demands the design and implementation of perfectly functioning agreements with the suppliers.


Beta 80 Group supports the 2018 research conducted by the Cloud Transformation Committee within the Milan Polytechnic School of Management. On this occasion we learn from those who are with us in this research experience, but we also offer our approach, which is rich in method and pragmatism and that has often made us successful on the projects.

DevOps and Agile are issues that has been challenging us over the years and support us in our approach to our proposals for customers, delivery of our projects and support to the evolution of the selection, governance and control models of our customers’ projects. Angelo Rotunno and Gabriele Finessi contributed to the Committee for Beta 80.


Select, plan and manage IT investment projects.

Decisions and actions that requires processes at the same time rigorous and flexible since they are closely tied to business strategies and tactics that alter priorities and are out of the control of the Information Systems departments.

Beta 80 supports its customers in formulating and implementing models that let them immediately gain governance of the projects and gradually evolve over the years, increasing their level of maturity. To do this, Beta 80 leverages on the expertise developed by helping various complex IT organisations successfully adopt Demand and Project & Portfolio Management best practices.

Build Service Catalogues. Measure performance.

From the viewpoint of “ordinary” operations (incident management, problem management, change management, event management, etc.), a sound governance tool is usually the Service Catalogue, which allows IT to clearly state what it does outside and inside. Indeed, the Catalogue is an essential reference for measuring performance and the value generated for the business.
For years Beta 80 has been supporting its customers in building their IT Service Catalogues, in defining models for supplying these services, the support processes and, lastly, the processes for measuring and reporting performance attained.


Guarantee quality and compliance.

The market often requires not only having a quality service, but also demonstrating it through compliance with specific standards or regulations.

For years Beta 80’s professionals have been supporting customers to check their level of compliance with market standards in the IT area (governance, management, security): COBIT®, ISO/IEC 20000, ISO38500, ISO22301, ISO27000.

Beta 80 also supplies support in implementing necessary processes, in creating control mechanisms, in conducting internal audits and support during external audits.

Implement SIAM. Coordinate interoperability of services.

The Service Catalogue is also a focal point in implementing SIAM – Service Integration and Management – that can be considered an adaptation of ITSM to the scenario in which the services supplied to the customers (end-to-end services) integrate services of a variety of suppliers inside and outside the company.
Beta80 has enormous experience in supporting customers in their implementation of this layer of service integration that, equipped with its own resources, organisation, processes and tools, coordinates the supply, integration and interoperability of the services of the various suppliers and ensures that the services effectively and efficiently meet the company’s needs while managing its ongoing improvement.
In this area, defining processes of Sourcing and Vendor Management, Software Asset Management, License Cost Optimization and a Service Cost Accounting model make it possible to combine the operational and performance view with the economic view that provides the best reference for assessing the costs to value ratio of the supplied services.