Technology & Operations

Managed Services/ICT Service Monitoring


How can we assign a value to a service considered core, but has a high turnover? How do we improve governance while reducing costs? How do we increase the quality of services and become a reference point for users? These are the questions that the customer asked Beta 80. The result was the starting point for new ideas, new services, new business.


½Organise specialised teams.
Reduce personnel turnover.
Improve operational capacity.

½Monitoring represents the first line of control of applications and infrastructures for the company in order to supply services to private customers and businesses. To improve the service, the company identified specific objectives:

  • drastically reduce the turnover of its monitoring operators, divided up between direct employees and temporary staff
  • control and reduce monitoring costs
  • keep total control over operations
  • improve the reliability of the monitoring shifts, maintaining time coverage


½Beta 80 has formed three specialised operations teams to guarantee the service. The importance and quality of the activities carried out were recognised by the customer, to the point that responsibility for monitoring the applications and infrastructures of other group companies was also taken over starting from 2006.
The three support teams work independently though interdependently, thus ensuring the monitoring of three consoles. The activity is carried out 24x7x365. The three teams’ operations are coordinated by a Beta 80 Group Technical Focal Point figure together with the customer’s managers.
The three teams manage roughly 13,000 alarms a month in an environment made up of thousands of servers (UNIX and Windows). The thrust toward innovation, together with the professional competence demonstrated by the monitoring teams, allowed the activity to be moved toward a management dimension over time, for example to coordinate planned activities.


½Thanks to the intervention of the three Beta 80 monitoring teams, the customer has obtained the following benefits:

  • containment of the 24-hour monitoring service costs
  • heavy decrease in turnover of dedicated personnel
  • formation of a standard training course for the new operators
  • certainty of the time needed to introduce new personnel
  • improvement in the quality of the service supplied to the other departments, with coverage of the shifts and ongoing training of the work group
  • appreciable improvement of the response time for the service owing to an improved operational capability of the individuals and the group
  • • control of the actual levels of service supplied by way of monthly reporting of the SLAs by the service managers.