Technology & Operations

Managed Services/Network Management Center


High service quality plays a key role for companies in which the monitoring of network infrastructures and services is of strategic importance. Beta 80 supports the customer in attaining expected performance, starting from the front-line of monitoring. For the customer, supplying an optimum service means winning over the confidence, trust and esteem of all the users that benefit from them.


Build specialised and structured teams.
Integrate specific skills.
Develop a modular service platform.


The customer company has expressed its growing need to introduce teams specialised in monitoring in order to:

  • substantially increase the level of quality offered by the NMC H24 service, creating value for other related bodies and services
  • work as a partner with a single supplier in order to standardise the labour contracts
  • guarantee the customer’s managers periodic reviews on operations
  • redefine the business as an actual control centre for the entire network and the services supplied
  • achieve a marked turning point to achieve excellence and keep it over the years.




The role of Beta 80 Group Supervisor was initially introduced. The following months recorded the consolidation and further investment in human resources to arrive at the current 32 people dedicated to managing Video, Transport, Management, IP and Backup services. The project was carried out following an approach by phases, guaranteeing certainty on costs and time tables. Ongoing training for all the personnel was also essential for growth in structural quality. The service platform was created with the following criteria:

  • sharing of the NMC group in 4 teams
  • addition of a fifth team for a new monitoring service
  • 24x7x365 team shift cycles that acknowledges the group’s habits and the new rules for shift changes and breaks
  • activation of the backup group to replace operators impossible to work, with the guarantee of 24x7x365 monitoring
  • development of more vertical and specific skills for each team, with expert TFP (Technical Focal Point) operators, improving the level of quality for the service
  • realignment with the business through the ITIL© framework, which becomes the actual control centre for the entire network and the services supplied
  • revision of the service model to achieve a single network control centre.





Thanks to Beta 80’s solution, the customer gained the following benefits in the NMC area:

  • control of costs and investment forecast
  • improvement of the H24 services and quality of the service supplied and perceived by all bodies involved
  • start-up and maintenance of a process empowering the individual operators with operational assistance and specific training sessions
  • gradual improvement in managing the backbone and platforms
  • availability of a modular service able to grow and adapt to the requirements and organisational changes
  • availability of a dossier including the customer: service catalogue, operations manual, service levels, performance indicators (KPIs)
  • gradual changeover to a service logic oriented at the managed objects
  • attainment of a remarkable change that the customer wanted and got to its full satisfaction concerning the attainment and retention of high levels of service quality
  • achievement of a single centre controlling the entire network.