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Strong technological expertise and an ability to identify with the customer and to govern innovation make us a reliable partner in the evolution of services and their operational continuity. The impact of the New Digital Transformation on business is global and obvious. The dizzy speed of innovations, the fascinating complexity of modern technologies and the impact that all this has on our customers is the reality in which our IT specialists work every day. It is the reality where Beta 80 Group is able to best demonstrate its value.

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 Q U E S T I O N  O F  S T Y L E

Over 30 years of IT experience are transferred to the customer through a business culture recognisable in our style. The desire to build long-lasting relationships with the customer take shape in the total management of the entire life cycle of the IT solutions, and shared goals are reached in a personalised and effective manner. Our strength lies in the overview and attention we pay to details.

DevOps and Agile with Milan Polytechnic School of Management

Beta 80 Group supports the 2018 research conducted by the Cloud Transformation Committee within the Milan Polytechnic School of Management. On this occasion we learn from those who are with us in this research experience, but we also offer our approach, which is rich in method and pragmatism and that has often made us successful on the projects.

DevOps and Agile are issues that has been challenging us over the years and support us in our approach to our proposals for customers, delivery of our projects and support to the evolution of the selection, governance and control models of our customers’ projects. Angelo Rotunno and Gabriele Finessi contributed to the Committee for Beta 80.

Beta 80’s IT specialists in standards and processes, experts in the governance solutions most widely recognised around the world, professionals and teams dedicated to services and entire development factories partner its customers in reaching more complex goals when they totally rely on us for all their ICT needs.
What sets us apart is a complete collaboration proposal: from assessment to optimisation of the IT processes and execution of specific software projects with integration of the leading technologies on the market to the taking responsibility for management activities based on a certain service model.