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Beta 80 offers buyers technologically advanced solutions. Real time evaluation of performance by reference/supplier/platform. Visualisation – also in mobility – of aggregated and detailed data concerning one or more references and suppliers, rapid analyses, detailed drilldowns and simulation of future performance. They are tools that make decisions easier and that increase the buyer’s ability to negotiate and conduct negotiations.


½The Beta 80 Real Time Buyer solution is particularly based on these characteristics:

  • “At a glance” view of strategic information to assess the performance of suppliers and products.
  • Touch the data, which offers dynamic interaction with the displayed data and rapid decisions on always fresh data.
  • Critical information, availability of data for buying decisions: stock, sales, promotions, etc.
  • Overall and integrated view for product, category, brand and supplier strategy.
  • Top and bottom performer comparison and analysis of the competition.



½Real Time Buyer supports the customer in its retail business by offering a technology to be used by the manager when negotiating the subsequent purchases of stocks.

Beta 80’s solution focuses on these steps:


Focus on the suppliers and references/products.

Map the centres of interest on the aggregated, and then the detailed, views for the supplier and reference sizes. In this way, the buyer is enabled to interact with the underlying certified data and has the possibility to drill down on the single detail (reference, store, category, etc.).


View by reference/product.

Use a dynamic and interactive view that allows the buyer to get a quick overview of:

  • Master, group, category and assortment data
  • Purchase and trend data
  • Sale and trend data
  • Platform stock data and data by store


View by supplier.

It lets the buyer get an overall view or a view by single reference of:

  • Product performance data (top/bottom)
  • Purchase data and trend for the references
  • Sale, margin and trend data
  • Selling prices, competition and trend
  • Presences, promotional results and stock by store