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Smart Innovation & IOT Engineering


With IoT, the physical world becomes more and more digital. Whether the home, production systems or Smart Cities, everything leads to the attainment of new digital services that interact with objects.
Beta 80 partners its customers to design and create IoT services. The information in the IoT ecosystem generates value for users through the Machine Learning methodologies, and becomes new business for companies.


The design of Beta 80’s offer starts from the clear understanding of the meaning of the initiative’s Business and ends up with contributing to its modelling and characterisation owing to its level of excellence in design capability, technological integration and development that support the Customer in its management of services. All quickly and effectively.


Beta 80 already operates in various IoT sector/area combinations. Its efficiency particularly lies in providing a homogeneous path, creating a digital design of services, supplying prototypes and small series, and guaranteeing maximum integration in the Software platforms, data processing and Machine Learning.


The digital ecosystem inside of which we are moving in this transformation is made up of various dimensions and technologies that are already areas of excellence in Beta 80 Group: Social and Mobile, Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics and now, Internet of Things as well
The goal is to look at the IoT phenomenon with an unconventional approach and adopt a broadened perspective that means, in Beta 80’s opinion, applying IoT technologies through the “lens” of the physical context in which the systems can be implemented and creating value for all the parts that can cooperate in the digital ecosystem that is created (companies, customers, smart users).

Execution starts from developing or sharing the user experience of the service and then continues with prototype development of the objects and configuration and integration in the IoT software platforms on the market. Beta 80 is able to support small series deployment and prepare the following industrial development.

One concrete example of solution and smart Services is FIDO Parcel Tracking, the shipment tracking system Beta 80 created in partnership with the UK company Hanhaa Ltd.


Countless technologies and services are available today in the place dearest to us: home. Domotics and Smart Objects compete for space.
Beta 80 Group has been cooperating with sector leaders for years as a technological partner and market consultant. Beta 80 Group partners industrial and service companies such as banks, insurance companies and energy providers to develop new relations and services that create value for consumers.
Beta 80 Group is the Business Integrator able to walk side-by-side with its innovation partners in defining the Business Model and all the way to starting up the services.