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Shipments have well-known problems: delays, losses, thefts, damages, unsuitable transport conditions. Added to these are insurance costs, management of complaints, re-deliveries and settlements. Parcelive Parcel Tracking® is the Beta 80 solution that offers specific services for the continuous tracking of shipments, from the beginning to end of transportation: electronic tracking, control sensors, proof of delivery. The quality of the delivery at a dimension never reached before.



Enable an effective tracking service available around the globe without any operating cost. Improve Customer Support in the delivery services.

With Parcelive Parcel Tracking®, Beta 80 guarantees a unique service in the market. Total management of the card for both the supply and the return logistics in fact makes the service extremely simple to use.

The Parcelive Parcel Tracking® graphics is completely customisable based on the customer’s requirements. The data are displayed on the portal, are georeferenced and can be supplied to customers to be supplemented with their back-end systems.

Specific control functions such as alarms, threshold values and trends are available for different fields of use.

The Parcelive Parcel Tracking ® service is totally “pay per use”. Customers pay for each shipment made.


It permits transparent distribution on a global scale.

Parcelive Parcel Tracking® is a monitoring service based on an IoT device that has a large number of sensors.

The tracking service begins when the sheet is placed inside the parcel and the activation button is pressed.

From that moment on, monitoring of the shipment begins in real time: georeferenced position, temperature, humidity, impact and overturning, forcing revealed by exposure to light (due to opening of the parcel); all sizes monitored and transmitted continuously to the cloud.

Monitoring ends when the parcel is actually in the hands of the customer, when a button to confirm receipt is pressed. The card is then returned to the logistic service centre through the local postal service, free of charge.


The service is particularly recommended to meet the following requirements:


Protection of valuable goods, valuable raw materials and luxury goods. Guarantee tracking of the transport, anti-tampering alarm, automatic notification of arrival of the goods at the recipient’s address.


Urgent transport. Continuously monitor urgent transport, which both the sender and the recipient can verify.


Cold chain. Enable constant monitoring of humidity and temperature of the single shipment units.


Supply Chain. Real time monitoring of the materials of the supply chain for the assembly industry in order to prevent stock from being broken.


Insurance. Anti-fraud monitoring and fast management of claims, recovery of stolen goods, transparency on the transport conditions.


Analysis of the distribution network. The transparency obtained from collecting data is a new IT source for the efficiency of the logistics and the analysis of the suppliers’ performance.


Parcelive Parcel Tracking® service is offered under subscription and does not imply the acquisition of any hardware device. Parcelive Parcel Tracking® is a registered Trade Mark of Hanhaa LTD.