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Retail Solutions/Store Execution Analytics


Manage the store business processes by planning the strategy and its execution. Beta 80’s Store Execution Analytics displays the indicators and the analysis data for management on mobile devices and the Internet. The solution lets you measure the assortments, the performance of the selling prices and the correlation with the promotions active on the channels and in the stores.


The Beta 80 Store Execution Analytics service is particularly based on these characteristics:
  • Single “at a glance” view of the strategic information in order to evaluate the performance of the stores.
  • Touch the data, which offers dynamic interaction with the displayed data and rapid decisions on always fresh data.
  • Vital information, availability of data for the decisions regarding the stores: prices of the competition, obsolete goods, brands, platform data, etc.
  • Real time: enable an additional real time view with variances between forecast and discounted.
  • KPI-based measurement brought down on the strategy of one’s company.


Store Execution Analytics optimises the following analyses to achieve better execution of the retail business strategy:

Assortment analysis – Get the checks of headquarters on the assortment of the following references:

  • Mandatory assortments
  • Obsolete goods (out of goods sold)
  • Benchmark on prices of the competition
  • Brands
  • Seasons


Sales analysis – Ensure ongoing monitoring of the most important information:

  • Total sales (group, store, product category, brands)
  • Trend and time analyses
  • Percentages and variances
  • Missed sales (broken stock, due to lack of mandatory assortment, non-display)
  • Private label (performance, growth trend, correlation with non-private label)


Analysis of selling prices

  • Ordinary and promotional
  • Analysis of the market and of the competition
  • Benchmark price
  • “What-If” simulation on selling prices
  • Analysis of margins