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Retail Solutions/What-if Promotion Strategy


Simulate the promotional scenarios to choose the best one for your store. The Beta 80 Prescriptive Analytics services let you create multiple strategic scenarios through a guided process with display of the possible results and the ability to condition them. Direct generation of the data for the cash desks leads to immediate execution.



½Set up coordinated promotions with a single link-up for the retail and large-scale retail go to market initiatives.

Get the optimum scenario through programmed simulation on multiple scenarios and identification of the best one.

Run Delivery, execution of the promotional initiative and control of the expected results.

Use touch the data for dynamic interaction with the displayed data and rapid decisions on always fresh data.



½Beta 80’s solution focuses on these steps:

½Strategy by STORE AND/OR AREA

The promotional strategy can be studied by zone and/or store at the level of the single reference by following a predefined and mandatory process.

½Simulation and scenarios

Automatic simulation is generated according to shared rules.

Afterwards, multiple simulation scenarios are created to assess the economic and financial effects compared with the competing prices/product.

The user experience is considered to make duplicating scenarios and entries/changes of the simulation data easier. Account is taken of the complexity of the product framework and of the amount of references in the customer’s system.


½It is the heart of the process inside of which:

  • One works in selection (e.g. sector, group, family, product, supplier, area, etc.)
  • The “as is” is displayed (e.g. anticipated quantity, current selling price, buyer price, etc.)
  • The “what ifs” on price, percentage and/or quantity are projected.

Verifica della strategia

The strategy is financially validated by comparison with the promotional prices of the competitors and potentially integrated with the forecast scenarios generated by tailor-made models.

½Sending and monitoring of the strategy

This is the phase that makes the strategy operative.

At the end of the assessments, the data are sent to the stores (broadcasting).