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Lisap Case Study


“Founded in 1952, Lisap Laboratori Cosmetici S.p.A. now in its third generation is one of the leading Italian companies in the Hair Beauty sector. Nurtured by the genius and intuition of Carlo Locatelli, Lisap started business in a courtyard in Santa Maria La Porta in Milan. With the support of his brother Cesare Locatelli and the next generation, Lisap continued to grow and develop as a leader in the trichology industry and the Made in Italy trademark.” (

As its production continued to grow more and more, Lisap needed to modernise its warehouse. Beta 80’s Stockager® system was selected for installation in a 45,000-square-metre plant in order to improve the management processes, guarantee control of the raw materials, handle the quality certifications and ensure prompt deliveries. Stockager® PTL is then used for the pick to light operations.



Beta 80 Group partnered Lisap in introducing a new Stockager® WMS in its warehouse, thus safeguarding investments and ensuring that the systems switch over very rapidly and with zero impact on production.

More specifically, these are the goals that were set:

  • equip the operators with sturdy and effective devices to manage picking of loose pieces.
  • improve management with radio frequency for picking entire parcels.
  • guarantee full integration between the ERP system, SAP, Business One and warehouse software.


Beta 80’s WMS controls all warehouse operations with Stockager® to guarantee efficiency, traceability and accuracy, and to safeguard the investments Lisap has already made by retaining the already existing mechanical parts of the line.

Indicate the routes and operations to perform:

The goods arriving from production are checked and sent for storage in the warehouse, divided into picking area and reserved area, by pallet.

Picking is performed in two zones: one for picking loose pieces, and the other for picking entire parcels for the larger shipments.

The pickers are guided by radio frequency terminals that indicate the routes and operations to be performed. The operations are synchronised and the cart operators in charge of topping up replenish the picking locations based on actual requirements.

Equip the operators with effective devices:

Picking is performed using a Pick To Light system controlled by Stockager PTL. The operator is guided when picking by special displays and light signals that indicate the picking point and its quantity. Every operator monitors only one section of the shelving, in this way restricting movements. The roller conveyors and switching system transfer parcels from one workstation to the next.


The system that Beta 80 implements offers considerable advantages compared to radio frequency picking or voice messages in order to:

Increase productivity. Displaying multiple activities cuts switching time since the operator gets ready for the next mission.

Increase efficiency. Because operations are optimally divided up between the various operators.

Guarantee precision. The operator’s hand is next to the picking point so as to prevent reading in one point and picking in another, as might occur with radio frequency terminals.

Simpler. The interfaces are very intuitive and almost no training time at all is required. Stockager® controls labelling and shipment preparation to provide support to the operations staff.